Whatever grand adventure you are embarking on – whether you are just setting off, about to tackle the summit or preparing for a triumphant return – we can craft your story so it connects meaningfully with your audience.

If you are launching a business, creating an engaging direct mail for a new product or a simple invitation to celebrate a personal milestone we will collaborate with you to create meaningful, tactile work that delights the senses, gets noticed, and is remembered for a long time to come.

Our offering of design and letterpress means we are communicators that understand production, and printmakers that understand communication. Both areas positively impact and influence each other, bringing a deeper understanding of our clients’ objectives to whichever task we apply our skills to.

Our focus on the craft of design and our creative approach to letterpress printing gives our work a unique aesthetic. All of which is underpinned by unwavering attention to detail, combined with strategic thinking.

We work with people who hunger to create great things, because that is who we are.

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Working together is at the heart of our approach. We know that no matter what project we apply ourselves to, outstanding results do not happen in isolation.

Through listening and dialogue, together we’ll combine your expertise and experience with our skills and know-how to bring your project to life in unexpected ways.


Working with new and established businesses of all shapes and sizes, we strive to create design that communicates meaningfully with audiences both offline and on – through print, web and social. We take a strategic approach, developing ideas based on a solid foundation of research and a clear understanding of business objectives. Followed closely by a practically minded, hands on application of the design.


We print both our own projects, designed in house, and projects for other creative people, studios and agencies. We believe in the strength of physical communication and we want to help your brand create meaningful and tactile connections with your audience.

Our creative approach to print production means that we are constantly experimenting, pushing the boundaries and exploring the limits of commercial printmaking.

Our team holds in equal regard the origin, process and craftsmanship of every aspect of every project.

Simon Hipgrave

Founder / Creative Director

Jenna Hipgrave

Founder / Design & Letterpress Director

Olive Wednesday Hipgrave


Simon’s agency background gives him a big picture approach. Strategically minded, he’s careful with words and always on the hunt for the perfect articulation of an idea. As a born creator, he is forever seeking to bring new projects to life.

Keen to share his love of design and industry experience, Simon is often found preaching the merits of Slow Design and extolling the virtues of getting your hands dirty to any willing audience.

With an acute attention to detail, Jenna ensures each project is completed to perfection, maintaining the studio’s exacting standards across both design and print projects. Her knowledge of paper borders on encyclopedic and her love of colour ensures her creative work always involves an ingenious consideration of production.

Truly devoted to design, Jenna has spent five years on the Australian Graphic Design Association council across two states, sharing her no-nonsense practicality with her industry peers.

After rescuing Olive from Mildura, she has settled into her role as doorperson with aplomb. Greeting everyone at the door with an enthusiastic yap and a wag of the tail, Olive is often the first face you’ll meet at The Hungry Workshop ensuring that each and every guest feels welcome and valued.

When she is not welcoming folks at the door, you’ll find her curled up under a desk or lazing on the couch. She prefers short walks, is indifferent to fetch and hates the rain.

Adam Flannery

Design & Letterpress

Bonnie Eichelberger

Design & Letterpress

Andreea Nemes

Studio Manager

Adam is a true craftsman. Bold and decisive, his mechanically minded approach gives him the ability to wrangle a lumbering press confidently and efficiently. He brings these same sensibilities to his design work, with a commanding approach to branding, typography and colour.

A keen paper engineer, Adam’s methodical workmanship is often manifest with simple tools: paper, pencil and ruler. He’s often found at his desk under a small rubble of geometric shaped paper mockups.

A talented illustrator and printmaker, Bonnie is contemplative and meticulous. Her explorative nature means all avenues are considered and no stone is left unturned.

From curating her own printmaking exhibitions to creating unique Gocco prints and illustrations, Bonnie has a keen interest in cultural and collaborative projects.

Andreea is an excellent communicator – a vital skill employed to deliver our varied work on time and on budget.

Her hands on background in design, combined with her vast administrative and account management experience across a wide variety of industries, brings a unique understanding for our clients and our team.

We love to curate, exhibit and talk about design, illustration and our craft of letterpress printing.
We are active, contributing members of the Australian Graphic Design Association and Craft Victoria.

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