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Meet Sophie

By June 10, 2016 Uncategorized No Comments

Sophie Banh has been interning with us over the last 3 months. She’s been pretty darn amazing and we really think you should get to know her. We asked her some questions, these are her answers:

Where are you from?

I’m from the West side of Melbourne but often commute to the Brunswick and Fitzroy area for work and other things. I started out 4 years ago in the Diploma of Graphic Design course at RMIT University and later did a pathway into the Communication Design course. I have a passion for illustration, publication & textile design.


Where are you going?

There’s a few things I’d like to explore further, I like the idea of illustrating for food and travel publishing houses similar to the likes of Hardie Grant, Smudge Publishing or Penguin Viking. I enjoy laying out images, text and illustrations in a design context which I think is why I gravitate towards this area, and also because I enjoy flicking through those sorts of books and looking at the layout.

In the next year or two I’d like to go overseas sometime to Japan and go back to New York to both maybe intern somewhere for a short period and travel at the same time, while taking heaps of film photos. It would be a nice experience to see design & art culture in other cities.


What do you do when you’re not at The Hungry Workshop?

When I’m home I feel the need to (slowly) work on self-initiated projects most of the time even if I’m really tired. I feel a bit guilty if I don’t try and work on something. From time to time I like playing around with my film camera because I really enjoy the unpredictable outcome.

If I’m not at home drawing or doing other things, I’ll usually be out with friends maybe at a music festival, seeing a local gig or browsing an art exhibition. I also enjoy browsing in art book shops and finding different courses to do when I have the time.


What are you Hungry for?

I think I gravitate towards a number of things that it feels hard to narrow down, but in the future I’d like to continue exploring different avenues of design & craft and see where that could take me. I’m interested in stuff like ceramics that will slowly help me develop more skills and interests away from the computer which I think is just as important. If I’d ever got my hands on one, I’d love to pursue Risography a bit more to print illustration based projects.

I also hope to keep evolving my illustration style in a consistent way and hopefully work in a field where it allows me to incorporate this while still improving as a designer.

In the end I hope to develop a wide variety of skills and interests and it’s what I most hunger for.

Sophie’s work is brilliant. It’s creative, colourful and hands on. Check it out.

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