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A palindromic wedding date was the inspiration for this invitation for Deb and Jules. The design itself was a rather straightforward matter, made much more fanciful thanks to Marian Bantjes. The sole element used in the design of the invitation is a monospaced typeface she designed called Restraint.

Tiro Typeworks describes the typeface:

Restraint is an ornament font which happens to contain letterforms. It is 100% fanciful all the time, and not for those timid of heart. It contains numerous squiggles and curly bits for creating blocks of exuberance, borders, frames, and graphic flights of fancy.

Restraint is full of surprises – every key is mapped to a unique glyph that lines up perfectly with the next. Bantjes’ craftsmanship makes this typeface a true joy to explore and its depth makes it a very simple task to lose hours in.

We had been looking for an excuse to use the typeface since it was released; an invitation for this beachside wedding, printed in a subtle aquatic split fountain on Crane Lettra 300gsm, proved the perfect opportunity.

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