Despite what you might imagine, it’s not that rare for us to dabble in the digital realm. We spend a lot of time there amongst the cloud. At some stage, every one of our projects passes through the ether – either off to clients or beamed between the computers in the studio, so being adept at digital presentation and communication is key for us. Ultimately though, we do prefer to finish our projects on the ground, we like to have something to hold in our hand at the end of the day.

However, when my Aunt Susan came to us late last year to build her an online portfolio for her artistic endeavours we felt compelled to do our best – and not just because she is family. Escaping hot Brisbane summers to join Susan in Sydney on her exotic photo shoots where she would art direct catalogues for some of Australia’s high end department stores with some of Australia’s leading photographers was the absolute highlight of my teenage years.

My endless daydreaming and doodling was legitimised. It was she that proved to me that pursuing a creative career was not only possible, but rewarding. It was in her footsteps that I headed off to art college to chase the dream of working in the advertising industry and it was she (amongst many other friends and family) that have encouraged me down the path that I am on today with Jenna.

So together we built this simple, but elegant portfolio for her on the WordPress platform. If you have a moment, I really encourage you to have a look at her incredibly detailed and inspiring work.

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