Designed by Racket for PR consultant Georgia Macmillan, these letterpress business cards take advantage of the pinpoint accurate registration of our Heidelberg Windmill. There isn’t anything particularly tricky with the print though, the real craftsmanship is in the accuracy of the cut of the cards.

Instead of guillotining the stack, each card was individually forme cut on the same press it was printed on. Unlike guillotining there is no shift in the stack as the blade cuts through the paper. With forme cutting on our Heidelberg Windmill each sheet is cut individually, in exactly the same position. This allows for the very fine detail of the straight line border. The black line on the outside of the card is just 1mm thick.

We printed the blind impression with a very thin layer of white ink to give the thick, white cotton fibers of the 600gsm Crane Lettra a sealant so the type can be legible in low light situations where the shadows and highlights of the impression are absent.

Categories: Business Cards, Letterpress

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