• MIGHTY ‘O’
  • MIGHTY ‘O’


We were delighted when we received an email from Leigh Scholten to letterpress print his brand spanking new son’s birth announcement cards. Leigh has an excellent eye for typography and this comes through loud and clear in his son Oliver’s cards. He told us that he and his wife Anna shared many great memories in Paris, and Parisian typography and menu design played a big role in influencing the design of these cards.

A mighty ‘O’ graces the front of the card with his son’s name, Oliver, nested inside with an old world shadow detail. On the back of the card is a marching elephant, a recurring symbol that has cropped up many times already in Oliver’s short stint on the third planet from the sun.

We worked very closely with Leigh to make sure the cards were perfect. We assisted by isolating tiny inconsistencies and quirks, helping Leigh refine the artwork to within .01 of a millimetre in some cases. With every part of the printed artwork being pressed deeply into the paper, it is essential that the artwork is perfect, as any errors are more evident with letterpress than digital or offset printing.

The cards were set in Neutra Titling and Knockout Full Lightweight, printed and scored on our Heidelberg Windmill Platen on crisp Stephen Smart White 330gsm.

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