Orbits Birthday Card

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Sometimes you forget to take stock of who you are and just how far you’ve come.

You get older, you get busier. You’re not so bothered by the trivial things in life such as cake and candles. But really, you shouldn’t have to be Joseph Gordon-Levitt to appreciate your time on the third rock from the sun; a birthday is a big deal. We thought it apt to commemorate such a momentous occasion with this future-proofed letterpress card.

To calculate the approximate number of orbits you’ve completed around the sun simply take the last four digit number of today’s date and the last four digit number under the ‘date of birth’ on your driver’s licence or birth certificate and subtract the latter from the former. Et voilĂ .

It’s good for earthlings aged 1 to 999.

The Happy Orbit A6 cards (105 x 148.5mm) are letterpress printed with fluorescent orange and silver ink on Wild 300gsm, an Australian-made, 100% carbon neutral stock and come complete with a kraft envelope, packaged in a protective plastic sleeve.

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