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Craft Cubed Open Studio

Craft Cubed is an annual festival held across Melbourne. An initiative of Craft Victoria the event has an impressive list of activities including professional development courses, exhibitions, markets, workshops and open studios.

As part of the festival we will be opening our doors this Saturday the 18th of August, from 2–4pm. Come along, have a look and ask some questions. We’ll be doing a live print demonstration at 3pm and, if all goes according to plan, you’ll be able to walk away with a print of your own, fresh off the press.


Letterpress ink gloves

The Hungry Intern

The Hungry Workshop is looking to fill a full-time, three-month, paid internship role starting 16 July 2012. We’re not your average design studio. We are a studio specialising in crafted executions of conceptual design through letterpress. Design is communication, and letterpress is an expressive, commercial scale printmaking tool.

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Published by Process

An honour would be an understatement. Process Journal is a Melbourne based, quarterly design journal that delivers in depth profiles and interviews from Australia and across the globe. It is carefully curated, edited, designed and published by Thomas Williams from Hunt Studio and Nic Cary of Studio Verse. The studios and people they have profiled in previous editions include Christopher Doyle, Farrow, Holt Design, HORT, Toko, Wieden+Kennedy, Underware, Alt Group, It’s Nice That, Studio Round, Frost* Design, 2br, Bibliotheque, Fabio Ongarato Design, Studio Newwork, Klim Type Foundry, North, Stockholm Design Lab, and Büro North to name but a few.

Trophy Lives

We’re very pleased to announce the full line up for the show. It’s a collection of some very cool folks that we’ve met since moving to Melbourne. We bumped into Tin & Ed in the park – they’re friends of good friends. Eamo Donelly dropped by one day to say hello. Drunk Park did the same with his extremely talented lady friend, and they’ve become our excellent pals. Eirian Chapman lives just around the corner from our new workshop. And Letitia Buchan was one of the very, very first people to get in touch with us before we even moved down here.

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