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Gold, gold, silver, silver & bronze

We just found out that our letterpress work has received a few more awards, so rather than make a new post we thought we would just update this one:

The Queensland leg of the 2011 Printing Industries Craftsmanship Awards (PICA) were held recently and we netted a Gold and Silver in the newcomer category for the two pieces we entered.

Previously, the 2011 Brisbane Advertising and Design Club (BADC) Awards were held and we were delighted to receive a myriad of texts from our friends who were attending. We had entered three pieces, and each one picked up an award!

First up, we recieved a Bronze in the Corporate Design category from the BADC for our work on Mei Yen’s branding.

Mei Yen Letterpress business cards with overprinting

Secondly, we picked up a Gold from PICA and Silver from BADC for our Aim True Sketchbooks.

And lastly, we were delighted to find out that our invitation for Jaimee + JK’s Story Book Wedding picked up a Silver PICA and a Gold at BADC (!) in the general Graphic Design category. We are absolutely floored and humbled by the result.

We certainly weren’t expecting to win, particularly not THREE FIVE awards (otherwise we would have been up there to celebrate). Fortunately, Jaimee was there to get up on stage, receive the gold on our behalf at BADC and make an impromptu speech.

If we were to make a speech, we have to thank all of our beautiful, trusting clients for letting us work the way we do and the Brisbane creative community for their support, particularly the BADC committee and the judges of this year’s awards for their discerning taste. And we would also thank our mums.

We are delighted that both our design and our printing skills have been recognised by their respective industries.

Gold, gold, silver, silver & bronze

The Queensland leg of the 2011 Printing Industries Craftsmanship Awards (PICA) were held recently and we netted a Gold and Silver in the newcomer category for the two pieces we entered.

Our Melbourne letterpress workshop

We’ve finally done it. We packed up our trusty press on a warm, sunny morning in Brisbane and it arrived a few days later on a quintessentially contrasting cool and overcast Melbourne afternoon. As we waited for the press to arrive, we applied a little bit of elbow grease by mopping and prepping the space.

With the press installed, we started work on the finishing touches. Jenna painstakingly put up our Aim True wallpaper, while Simon built the shelves and unpacked the boxes. We set up our desks with leather and steel chairs which we sourced from a combination of op-shops, council pickup and eBay.

Our new workshop at 54 Hope Street in Brunswick [we have since moved to 461 High Street, Northcote] is humble, but it is ours and we love it dearly. If you are in the area we would welcome a visit any time. You don’t have to bring cake, but we won’t turn you away if you do. We are so very grateful to our warehouse neighbours, the Taco Truck and Beatbox Kitchen for having us. Apt neighbours for The Hungry Workshop, wouldn’t you agree?

We ♥ Newy…

We had the most spectacular time in Newcastle speaking at Look Hear. It far exceeded our expectations. We weren’t as nervous as we thought we were going to be, in fact, I think we kind of liked it up there behind the podium. Our biggest thanks go out to Carl and Lara of Zookraft who did an incredible job putting the show together.

Suzanne Boccalatte

First up on the night, Suzanne Bocallate gave the audience a choice between two talks, an inspirational lecture or a discourse on tactility. Thankfully the crowd settled on the later, because tactility is something we very much relate to here. She spoke about her work too, in particular this striking studio project Trunk Volume One: Hair.

Trunk Volume One

Second to take the stage was Brendan Mcknight, the editor of Desktop Magazine. This young whippersnapper is responsible for the incredibly succesful relaunch of the magazine in the last few months. He gave a very interesting overview of his personal history and in-depth account of how he and his team breathed new life into the publication.

Brendan McKnight

Then it was our turn! We spoke about how we got to where we are and where we are heading in the future, with a few inspirational bits at the end (knit mittens, be the Ninja Turtles and listen to rap). A big thanks to all those people that asked questions after the talk and came up and spoke to us personally, it was a quite a thrill meeting all the people we did in Newcastle. There is so much talent and love in that town, it really is incredible.

We met Lachie and Nick, two enterprising students who have released a typeface called Quaver with Lost Type. For those that don’t know, Lost Type is a pretty cool new font foundry  with a ‘Pay-What-You-Want’ model. We already had two projects in the works that use fonts from Lost Type so we were super stoked when we found out that Lachie and Nick were responsible for Quaver. It comes in Sans and Serif and has over 400 glyphs(!), get on it.

Quaver - Lost Type

We also managed to get a few words with the guys from Malade Pathetics, an emerging clothing label based in Newcastle. These guys are doing incredible work, if you don’t believe me you should watch this clip of them vs. Secret Wars at Look See.

The next day, Carl and Lara gave as a tour of Newcastle University where we inspected the University’s letterpress setup and type collection. We also found out that Newcastle University is the only place in Australia you can get a degree in natural history illustration. They pretty much draw dead animals all day, how cool is that?

Photos on the night courtesy of Kel Mcintosh

Tuesday night at the movies {episode two}

There is an old saying that’s very apt right now: ‘Better late than never’. This episode of Tuesday night at the movies comes to you a day late, but we think it is certainly worth the wait. This movie is a great overview of the printing industry at it’s finest. If you’re not convinced to join the legions of printers by this film, you never will.

How could you not, when the working conditions are generally satisfactory?


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