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Two thousand and eleven

By January 3, 2011 The Blog No Comments

We’ve enjoyed a relaxing few days off between Christmas and just now with some good friends.

We packed up the ‘rolla and headed down south to share a mix of wine, rain and sun. On the rainy days we played a touch of Scrabble and Taboo. On the sunny days we explored the rainforest, went swimming in waterfalls and clamoured around an elaborate, unfinished cubby house. To ring in the new year we popped champagne around an open fire under the Milky Way.

The countdown and the quieter moments before and after are always times to reflect on the year gone and the one ahead. 2010 was quite a year for us but the immediate future is going to be much, much more exciting.

We are going to be blogging more frequently, so expect much more of this. In the next few days we will be sharing a lengthy post with far too many photos of a recent trip to Victoria where we visited a reclusive hoarder of all things print related. We will have more work going up in the next few weeks too. We are putting the finishing touches on a wonderful wedding invitation and we might post a sneak peak as soon as they are back from the laser cutting folks. The website will continue to change, and by 31.1.11 we will have launched our online store, complete with Valentine’s Day treats.

Beyond this, there are lots of other things that we will be doing behind the scenes, getting things in order and our ducks in a row. Though, no matter how much we prepare, we won’t be able to stop this year from being full of surprises.

However, as Ivana Martivonic pointed out, one thing is for certain: 2011 will be a tricky year to kern.

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